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Radon Mitigation Installation in Lexington, KY 40502

“Jason and Gary exceeded expectations! They were very friendly and professional and went the extra mile for customer service. We would definitely use them again!”– Laurie M.

Geothermal Heat Pump Maintenance in Georgetown, KY 40324

“My Geothermal unit (1 Year/ 1/2 old) kept going into fault. The company that installed the system has since gone out of business. My wife and I had purchased the top of the line Climate Master system. When Jake first looked at the system, the first thing he said was your hot water tank has not been hooked up. He said your getting hot water but it is not coming from the Geothermal unit. I said, "how do you know?", he said it does not have a wire from the unit to the hot water tank. My hot water tank was running like a regular hot water tank not being heated from the Geothermal unit. Jake fixed the hot water tank the fault and also took the time to show me and my wife how it was supposed to work on my thermostat. That small fix will pay for the service call. P.S. The Climate Master factory rep (Not putting the rep down, he was a nice guy) had been at the house to look at the unit and did not find what Jake found within 5 seconds of being on the job!!!”

– Tim L.

Air Conditioner Repair in Lexington, KY 40509

“Jake came to our home and worked hard til the job was complete. He is a great asset to your company. Very polite and knowledgeable.”

– Michael M.

We Appreciate the Hustle

You & your Crew have expanded our list for those of whom we are “Thankful”! We appreciate the hustle to bring the warmth –as will all those who be in the ‘Gathering’ here tomorrow –some of whom are already beginning to arrive for the occasion. So, again THANKS MUCH!!


Passion and Education

There aren’t many people in this industry that is more knowledge than Jamie. He has a passion for being on top of his game and being educated on the new areas of his industry. When I bought my house, he was the first one I called to come give me an analysis.


Helped Me Save Money

I applaud all businesses that apply technologies that save money for consumers and the environment.


Trustworthy Contractors

Here is what I have to say about Synergy services:

Synergy is a great way to approach energy use and management. Jamie is a trustworthy contractor who will give the clients a thorough assessment of their home. Then, he will offer a few scenarios of how to best reduce the energy that goes into heating and cooling through insulation and other energy savings before investing in solar and other ways of generating own energy.

After looking at my home, Jamie recommended adding insulation and a programmable thermostat. I was nervous about adding insulation because I have heard of mold and other problems. I am very glad I have trusted Synergy to add the much needed insulation to my basement and my attic. My energy use has dropped over 30% thanks to the new insulation and the programmable thermostat. In addition, Synergy was very professional. They crew arrived on time. They were very respectful of my property and cleaned up every bit of materials after the work was completed. I highly recommend Synergy to anyone looking to lower their energy use.

Barbara S. Lexington KY

Top Notch

The service from Synergy Home was top notch. Their tech was extremely nice and personable. He fixed my AC unit and I had full confidence in everything he did!


Will Use Synergy for Future Renovations

Jamie at Synergy Home was absolutely wonderful to work with on my 180-year-old house remodel. This was a very challenging house project because this old house never had air conditioning. The crew was extremely knowledgeable. They solved the problem of where to route the lines and chose the optimal place to locate the condenser unit. The price was extremely reasonable for the quality of work done. I will definitely use Synergy Home for future home renovations and highly recommend their service.

Heather A. Lexington KY

Lexington Installation and Repairs

Lexington friends: If you need HVAC installation or repair, this is the place! Jamie Clark is an expert in efficient HVAC systems, and he finally owns his own company, Synergy Home. His opinion and his price are always the best.


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