Synergy Products

At Synergy Home, we believe everything in your home needs to work in sync for you to experience optimum comfort, efficiency, and health. We call this philosophy our house-as-a-system approach. A component to our success with our approach is additionally using outstanding products and materials in everything we do.

What Sets Us Apart

Ask us about our 12 year "no hassle" warranty on our air source equipment. So, within 12 years if your unit has a major failure we will replace the unit not just the part. This means, 2 years labor 12 years all parts 12 years no hassle.

You Can Rely on Our Products

We want to be sure you, as well as our other customers here in our Lexington, KY, area, can rely on us for all your home comfort needs. That can’t be a reality if our products are less than the finest out there. We know what an investment new systems and components are for you, so it’s important they perform to both your and our standards.

Our Products Will Save You Money

Our products will give you the highest energy efficiency to save you energy, thereby also saving you money. And when properly professionally maintained, they will last for years and years to come.

From our air conditioner systems to our heating systems, like our gas furnaces and heat pumps, from our solar panels to our spray foam insulation, we at Synergy Home are proud to stand behind all our products. Each time our knowledgeable and experienced professionals install them, we continue to recognize the first-class craftsmanship involved in their manufacture. Our products stand the test of time, operating at premium levels and offering you both energy and money savings throughout their life spans.

We Don’t Skimp

In addition to our top-notch products for your home, we only utilize the highest-quality parts and materials to support our products. We would never take shortcuts and use cheaper options to save money on our end. Our professionals have seen firsthand how other companies cut corners to make more money. We often go in and make the repairs.

To us, you experiencing the maximum comfort and savings from our products and work is imperative. If we were to use anything on any project that was not of the highest quality, the result would be less than excellent and not up to our high standards. So we do not do it.

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