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Ventilated Crawlspaces: A Thing of the Past (Part 2)

November 23, 2015

Home energy efficiency is problematic when you have a ventilated crawlspace. Your home becomes a virtual chimney and loses all your precious conditioned air through the attic leaks. What should you do?

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Street scene of a row of suburban homes.

Ventilated Crawlspaces: A Thing of the Past (Part 1)

November 19, 2015

Many of our construction techniques have evolved by necessity due to how we live in our buildings. A great example of this is that 150 years ago in the warm South we started building elevated homes. This kept the house cool by allowing air to move underneath.

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Large pot sitting on a gas stove with the flame turned up high.

It’s Holiday Cooking Season! A Safety Experiment at the Clark Household

November 11, 2015

Here at the Clark household we recently had a debate about running the kitchen exhaust fan while cooking. Chef Haley (my wife) hates the sound of the fan so she prefers not to run it. But the smell of the gas range burning has me concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Man on a home roof installing solar energy panels.

Why Solar Micro-Inverters Are Right for Kentucky Homes

October 15, 2015

Solar photovoltaic panels capture the sun’s ultraviolet energy and convert it into electricity. Unfortunately that energy is in DC current and your home runs on AC current, so the power has to be inverted from DC to AC.

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